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Hi! My name's Taras. I'm a web developer and programmer from Lviv, where I got my Master Degree on Computer Science in National Lviv University of Lvivska Politechnika. Now I'm working as a freelancer .

I develop functional and usable websites as well as web-oriented software, using modern technologies and most recent web standards as the main principles.

I love uniqueness and simplicity.Constructive thinking and creative ideas always help to find optimal solutions.

I'm always open for questions or proposals, criticism or praise. I'll be glad to meet and cooperate with interesting and creative people.

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Skype — Tarasok

Website and web-oriented software development

The websites are divided and classified according to various characteristics but when creating your own one, the notions of static and dynamic websites should be clearly understood.

Static websites — these are usually simple by their structure websites, which consist of a few pages and are filled with content ( text, graphic, media information) only once and then can be updated in future ( e.g. site-presentation of the company). Such websites can be updated by specialists, using HTML or with the help of technical support.

Dynamic websites — the websites, where the programs are used to format the pages. Unlike static websites Ц here the owner of the site with the help of personally developed administrator page can update the content of the website or perform more complicated operations on HIS OWN, where no additional skills are required.

The website development includes such basic components as design, page makeup, filling the site with content and implementation (launching the developed site into the internet), as well as supplementary components, simple and complex (website structure building, programming, compiling data base, interactivity realisation etc.)

I offer full spectrum of services on creating websites of any types and of various degree of difficulty, considering all stages of development — from consulting and advice to registering domain and setting hosting. While developing the website I take into account such important thing as cross browsing (correct representation of the web pages on all modern browsers) and protection from malefactors.

Time and price of the website development directly depends on the volume of works, which in their turn are formed by the requirements and needs of the customer.

Please feel free to contact me anytime!


  • Personal website development
  • Corporate style and logo development
  • Page makeup
  • Writing program parts of the site
  • Automated web-services development
  • Testing and web-sites software analysis
  • Writing technical tasks
  • Consulting

programming languages

  • PHP 4/5
  • SQL (mySQL)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuary (JS framework)
  • Smarty
  • SEO

Stages of a website development

  1. General order formulation
  2. Writing technical task
  3. Website design development
  4. Page makeup
  5. Programming
  6. Filling the site with the content
  7. Testing / Correction
  8. Implementation

Website promotion SEO (Search engine optimization)

Today everyone knows that internet is the main source of information for millions of people worldwide. Information in the global network is presented on web-pages which are grouped into websites, and every owner of the site aims at getting popularity or income from the website content demonstration to the users.

In internet everyone uses navigation services — search systems and web-directories. These are the search systems such as (Google , Yahoo , etc..) which allow full freedom of action when searching information.

By inputing any query the search systems instantaneously give result of the most relevant ( which correspond to your query) and most popular web-pages ( sites) and group them by 10 results per page for usability.Accordingly, the most visited sites Ч are among first 10 results (TOP10). That is why, the better promoted website is the higher position it gets in search system queries!

The resource is considered to be promoted and popular if it has more value (pagerank) then other similar sites and consequently more potential visitors.

To get such results, the right website optimization is needed, both internal and external by all possible means and methods.

General scheme of website promotion:

  1. Setting a concrete goal
  2. Full resource analysis
  3. Semantic core development
  4. Internal optimization
  5. External optimization
  6. Monitoring

The price of the website promotion is defined after setting the goals and the resource analysis and is charged on monthly basis. The experience shows that minimal time to achieve results — 2-3 months.

Please feel free to contact me!

Websites support

The website creation is only the first step in promoting your business in Internet. A continuous work is needed to make this resource an effective and profitable tool for your business.

The website which is not supported and always updated, soon starts losing its customers, is badly indexed by search engines and eventually becomes a useless resource. And vice versa, the website which is constantly monitored, administrated and updated starts gaining more and more customers.

Some companies manage and update their websites themselves, using content management systems, but the majority delegate these functions to the specialiasts as this kind of support has significant advantages:

  • Saves time and money
  • No need in hiring new employees
  • Bugs are eliminated faster
  • The tasks are accomplished properly and on time
  • As a result, the website has a more professional look!

Information Support

  • Creating additional web pages (static)
  • Adaptating any materials for use in Internet
  • Managing the website interactive subsystems (forum, blog, etc.)
  • Editing the content — adding, updating, deleting ( text, graphics, multimedia)
  • Registering the website in search systems, catalogues, social networks
  • Registration, setting and sending service reports Google Analytics

Technical Support

  • Backup
  • Backup, modification and database optimisation
  • Solving all possible software problems, bugs and errors
  • Hosting management
  • Domain management

Consulting Support

  • Consulting and general advice on the website
  • Advice on choosing the right hosting and domain
  • Consulting on search optimisation, correct indexation of the website by search systems
  • Delivering training for the staff on the website system management

The list of support services and price is set individually for each resource.

Feel free to contact me!

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